Interested in joining a Sin City Church Community Group?

Our Community Groups are gatherings of two or more adults who meet together for spiritual growth and connecting with others. They are located on campus, in coffee shops, restaurants, or in homes.

Contact Jay for more information regarding Community Groups.




Sin City Church believes a great way to meet people and grow as a follower of Jesus is to love others to life through serving the local church.

We help people discover their spiritual gifts and passion as well as areas to serve through our All-Access seminar.

Contact denise for more information. 




Sin City Church has a desire to make disciples by loving people to life here, near, and far.


We believe strongly in supporting local organizations who have a like-minded vision and are loving others to life in the Las Vegas valley.


Sin City Church supports additional national organizations who are loving people to life. These organizations are vetted carefully.

Mission Trips

Mission trips are organized with the intentional purpose of developing our teams with hands-on missional living experience by loving others to life through serving, teaching, and caring here, near, and far. Sin City Church has also helped to send groups to Mexico to build homes.


Four global initiatives of Sin City Church include Kigali City Church in Rwanda, Africa; Hands Helping Haiti (to support the H30 Water Project and Modern Elementary School); and Global United Missions(supporting a ministry in Thailand where Pastor Luck trains children as worship leaders), and A21 to help eradicate human trafficking.


- CARE -


Sin City Church Care is a team of pastors and gifted and trained individuals who have a desire to love others to life who are in need of special services 

i.e. weddings, funerals, counseling referrals, hospital or home visits, assistance with meals, or widow and orphan care.

Contact donna for more information.